Postpartum Care Guide

Delivering blunt truths about post birth reality and self care tips for the postpartum mother.

In many cultures, when a woman gives birth, she spends her postpartum period of about six weeks sequestered with her newborn from the rest of her community, cared for by other women. She is fed special foods, massaged daily, is prescribed strengthening herbs, and is made to rest as much as possible. After this time, fully healed from the physical and emotional challenges of the childbearing year, the mother is again integrated into society with her baby.

It is well documented that a happy, well balanced woman is at the heart of a happy home. While new motherhood has its challenges due to its transitional nature, it is a time that should hopefully be filled with large portions of awe and joy. Yet, there is still a fundamental lack of nurturing in the modern woman’s experience of new motherhood, and it is thought that this may be at the root of many cases of postpartum depression.

This guide is intended to take the lid off of the contained representations of what the postpartum experience is supposed to be like, and to open an honest, non judgmental dialog about what it really is like. Through honest sharing, we not only bridge experiences together, but we also start to restructure the foundation for what is “normal” in the postpartum phase.

The Fourth Trimester: A candid look at the physical, emotional and hormonal changes our bodies go through during the fragile first 6 weeks postpartum, also known as The Fourth Trimester.