Baby Sleep Guide

Drawing on my baby sleep coach experience, I turn the nightlight bright on sleepy hot topics from A to Zzzz.

Getting a baby to sleep is a hot topic between mothers, covered extensively by the experts, and written about in countless books. Knowing when and how to begin assisting your baby to sleep is a tricky thing!

Through my work as a postpartum doula and Compassionate Baby Sleep Coach, I have gained invaluable experience working with clients that I’m excited to share with new parents. Especially new parents who are overwhelmed and sleep deprived!

Some of the discussions I’d like to open are the methods of sleep training, the mentors  and their philosophies. I’ll recount my experiences working with babies to change their sleep patterns, discussing common pitfalls I see parents make. We will explore tools to aid the sleep process, whether it’s bedtime routine, baby sleepwear, sound machines or essential oils.

Newborn Sleep Patterns

Newborn Sleep Patterns

Understanding infant sleep patterns, knowing what you need, and learning how to match the two is the art and science of parenting. But, the pressures of modern life don’t always allow parents and child to develop that balance. The average newborn sleeps much of...

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