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Daylight Savings and Baby Sleep

When Daylight Savings comes around, baby schedules are usually always disrupted. I usually get the most calls from frustrated sleepy parents whose babies have been otherwise great sleepers during DST. Each time we alter the clock, whether in the Fall Back or Spring... read more

Gut Flora and Your Baby

Healthy gut flora means a strong immune system, both of which are extremely important during the first few years. This is when baby gathers the bacterial blueprint they’ll have for the rest of their life. Read on to find out why learning about your baby’s microbiome... read more

Methods of Sleep Assistance.

“Sleep Assistance” is any thoughtfully and consistently implemented series of actions that results in a change in your baby’s sleep. Typically parents prefer this change to include achieving more consolidated sleep by exchanging a parent-led sleep association for a... read more

Stress Free Holidays With a Newborn

With the holidays quickly approaching, and a new client lingers on the horizon for me, I got to thinking about how the holiday season is such a tricky time to introduce a newborn into the mix. There are so many visitors, so many schedule variations, there is the... read more

Postpartum Holiday Fatigue

Fatigue during the holidays is not out of the ordinary, with or without a newborn baby. When the postpartum period occurs during a holiday season, mothers have to manage a hectic holiday schedule while usually juggling some sort of postpartum symptoms. Symptoms such... read more

Keeping Your Newborn Healthy During the Holidays

Worrying about sickness when you have a newborn is always a concern of my new mama clients. This seems to be amplified during the holidays, when there are so many other outside factors to take into consideration. During this time of joy and germs so many parents want... read more

Nursery Necessities Deconstructed

Creating a baby routine starts with nursery necessities. This expert guide will deconstruct the nursery, highlighting all of the various components that will improve your nursery’s functionality. You will be equipped with exactly what you need to design a sleep... read more

Your Postpartum Experience

During your pregnancy everything is focused on the birth, bringing home baby and baby care. There is a 12 week period called The 4th Trimester, which covers not only baby care and bonding, but the mothers experience postpartum – emotionally, physically and... read more

Newborn Sleep Patterns

Understanding newborn sleep patterns, knowing what you need, and learning how to match the two is the art and science of parenting. But, the pressures of modern life don’t always allow parents and child to develop that balance. The average newborn sleeps much of... read more

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