Postpartum Parent Packages

Choose a package that offers a bit more assistance than you think you'll need.

Day Assistance Packages

Baby Boot Camp: ($120 for 2 hours) A two hour intensive parenting educational session for all parents with newborns. Once home with your baby I will come to your house for a two hour crash course in postpartum parenting. This package is customized and personalized to your needs, parenting styles and interests. I will help you learn about your unique baby and how to respond as a parent. We will go over understanding cues, sleep tips, swaddling and soothing, baby care and bathing, and a comprehensive Q&A session. I will follow up with an email of everything that was discussed. This is a comforting session for all new parents!

Smart Start Package: ($600-5 days/week, 4 hours/day, 1 week total)  This package is ideal for families who might not have a lot of family around. Designed for the critical first week home with baby. I will offer assistance with feeding, newborn education, cord care, swaddling, reading newborn cues, baby soothing techniques and healing for moms who want extra help settling in before their family arrives in town.

Essential Transitions($720-6 shifts of 4 hours) Focus is on the essential basics of newborn care and ensuring mom and partner are getting the rest, nutrition, and hydration needed to keep up their energy during this transitional time. These visits can be spaced as needed, and hours can be adapted and changed to better support you. This package is ideal for first-time parents with a single newborn and an uncomplicated birth who seek one-on-one newborn education and initial support to get you off on the right track.

Baby Moon Package:  ($1,200-40 hours spread out over the first 12 weeks) Set your family up for success. Time will be spent in each area of learning and support including: breastfeeding/bottle support, identifying crying cues, swaddling, bathing, light housekeeping, food prep, time for parents to sleep, shower or spend time with siblings, errands, and light laundry pertaining to baby. This package is beneficial if you desire more support around the home, someone to accompany you to doctors appointments and other outings, and time for more hands-on demonstrations and guidance. It is also helpful for those who may be struggling more with their transition or those who do not have family around. This package provides options for an ample set of daytime or overnight shifts to enjoy at leisure. This is a great foundation on which to build a happy, healthy family. The hours can be used for 4 hour day shifts or 8 hour night shifts.

C-Section Care Package/6-Week Care Package:($1,620-3 days/week, 3 hours/day, 6weeks total) This package is ideal for those mothers who have had a C-section or other complicated birth. I will be your extra set of hands during your 6 week recovery process. I will offer household help, baby care, lifting and ensure that you are resting properly so that your wound can heal, all while facilitating a healthy bond with your baby.

Baby Boost:  ($300) 10 hours of help to be used over one week, in the matter you feel best suits your needs.

Brief Baby Help: ($120 for 2 hours, $175 for 3 hours) The perfect daytime session for the occasional hands on help, I will come to your house and help you prepare for life with your newborn and make the transition to parenthood as smooth as possible, providing you with an opportunity to build your knowledge, skills, and relationship with your newborn, while having hands-on assistance. A typical session would include emotional support for the parents, parental education and assistance, meal prep and/or a market run, light housework like laundry or dishes, nursery organization, understanding your newborn, sleep tips, swaddling techniques and bathing. I will also answer any questions you may have during the two hours, and avail myself to email assistance for a week afterwards.

The Partner Package: ($120 for 2 hours) In this appointment, I will come meet with the mother’s partner and discuss general infant care and soothing techniques that work well for partners or caregivers. I will also help devise a plan based around infant feeding, and discuss ways to make this work best for the whole family. We will also do a kitchen assessment and make sure a grocery list is made to help keep the fridge stocked and meals are planned. A bonus for all partners to have, you will really learn what your role is in the upcoming days, and how to provide the emotional and physical support your partner will need postpartum.

Examples of shifts:

  1. 10hrs = 1 hour of home evaluation upon hospital discharge & three 3-hour visits
  2. 10hrs = two 4-hour shifts & a 2-hour check-in at week’s end
  3. 10hrs = one 9-hour nighttime shift & 1 hour extra help (laundry, market, organization)


Overnight Packages

Nighttime with a newborn can be an incredibly tiring time, between feeding, changing, and burping, parents are usually exhausted! Throughout the evening until 6am the next morning I will take care of the baby when he or she are awake and bring him or her to you on scheduled times. For breastfeeding mothers, I’ll bring baby to you for feedings and provide tips for quicker and easier nighttime feedings. For bottle feeding mothers, I’ll provide complete care and you can get a quiet night’s sleep. I will offer my resources, prepare healthy snacks and provide you the opportunity to get answers to questions, and rest and bond with your baby. These packages are a great chance for mothers to get restorative sleep and can help reduce the risk of postpartum depression due to sleep deprivation.

Fully Charged Mama Package: Placenta Encapsulation and One Night of Postpartum Support   $550 (includes capsules and tincture) By combining the healing potential of your placenta delivered in both capsules and a tincture with a full night of postpartum doula support, tired mothers can get the kick start of rest and care they need to wake up refreshed. Placenta has been used as a remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries by postpartum mothers. Containing a woman’s own natural hormones, in addition to iron, protein and other nutrients, it replenishes, nourishes and balances the body after pregnancy. It is reported that the postpartum recovery process is expedited by women who ingest their placenta, in addition to feeling emotionally overwhelmed. I will pick up your placenta at the hospital after you give birth, which provides me a chance to check in with you. The night you are discharged I will arrive at your house at 9pm to offer you hands-on-support during that tiring transition of the first night home through 6am the next morning. This package is perfect for mothers looking to empower their recovery postpartum.

Nighttime Boosters: ($840~3 shifts of 8 hours, $1,024~4 shifts of 8 hours, $1,440~6 shifts of 8 hours) These packages are designed to offer a few choice nights to allow you and your family to rest, knowing that all needs with be met. The hours can be used consecutively, or spread out over a few weeks, whatever works best for you.


Kimi was my life savor! I don’t know how I would have survived having a second baby without her. I needed some rest at night to try to keep up with my toddler during the days. Kimi was so patient figuring out what worked best to get me some sleep, get my baby breast milk, and get him on a healthy sleep routine I wanted to follow. My husband who has a hard time paying for help ended up asking her to stay an extra month bc he could see how much she saved our sanity! It was hard to say goodbye to her but the baby was sleeping perfectly so I could get the rest I needed on my own. Thank you Kimi!

Brita, Mother to Markus

*The family always has the right to purchase an extension of hours based on their needs and my availability. 

If you feel you still need support once your session is over, you may extend your care depending on availability.

Hourly Care: $35 an hour, minimum of 8 hours. This time can be spread out over several days or weeks, to give you the support that you need.

45 Minute Phone Consultation or Two Week Email Support: $75 This package is great for quick questions, or to work on a specific issue with your baby that needs to be addressed by an expert, but doesn’t need in home care.