Meal Services

Making it convenient for new families to nourish themselves well.


Carefully curated meal plans showcasing easy-to-eat foods for new parents who are usually eating while tending to their babies! For example, my hearty muffins with hardboiled eggs baked inside. Meal packages include things like bone broths, oatmeal, granola, protein bars, and muffins. A rotating menu will also include egg muffins or frittatas, soups, salads, freezer meals and meals that you can reheat.

Well rounded nutrition, resting frequently and having proper support during the first few weeks postpartum is essential for post-natal healing, baby bonding, and can help one avoid postpartum depression. My postpartum meal plans offer complete nutrition for the nursing mother or two exhausted parents, as well as feature organic produce from local farmer’s markets based on the season.

Stock the Freezer Package

Get set for the arrival of your baby by loading your freezer with wholesome food! Package includes 4 soups, 2 stews, 10 balls of frozen lactation cookie dough, 6 frozen buttermilk biscuits, and energy bars.

Cost: $150

Nursing Mama Package

Nourish yourself so you can take care of your little one! A selection of 4 wholesome, homemade soups, 2 hearty stews, 10 lactation cookies, 5 energy bites, and homemade oatmeal.

Cost: $150

Pampered Parents Package

Makes an amazing gift! This pack includes 4 soups, 2 stews, 2 salads, 12 egg muffins, 20 cookies, one dozen protein bars/power balls, and oatmeal.

Cost: $300

Packages are delivered on Thursdays between 11 am and 6 pm and orders must be received by Monday morning at 8 am. If you order after Monday morning, your order will be delivered the following week. Half of the soups and stews will come frozen and can be returned to the freezer for up to two months or kept in the fridge for up to one week.



Meal Magic Plan and Prep

How it works:
1. Decide on recipes: I can use yours or you can choose from mine (ask for my menu!).
2. Buy food: I can do this for you, or you can do it.
3. Cook: I come to your home for a set number of hours/days and prepare the food (note: I can also prep the food for someone else to cook quickly at another time). On average, 7 main dishes (1-2 cooked, the rest prepped for the crockpot or oven) take 4 hours- 3.5 of prep in your home, .5 to make shopping list.
4. Serve/Store: I can either serve the food up for immediate enjoyment, refrigerate it, or freeze it for later.



Main Dishes:
Coconut milk stew
Thai curry
Pot pie
Stirfry with peanut/almond butter sauce
Butternut squash soup/pasta sauce
rice, quinoa, or millet
green salad
steamed/sauteed vegetables
Coconut flour pancakes with banana, pumpkin, or butternut squash
Breakfast tostadas
Bountiful oatmeal with flaxseed, coconut oil, nuts, and fruits
Strawberry coconut Chia pudding
Apple/fruit crisp
Banana bread/muffins
Flourless chocolate cake
Sponge cake trifle with berries and cream