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Let me help guide your baby into a healthy sleep pattern.

Kimi was a lifesaver for us! I can’t believe I had to hit rock bottom before realizing there was help. My second daughter, about 8 months old at the time, had just been through a 7 day stay in the hospital with pneumonia. Kimi came and helped my infant get back on a sleep routine and gave me the break I needed to get a few nights of good rest. It was amazing and I’m still so grateful. She is so warm and caring and easy to be with during a sleep training process. Thank you for taking care of all of us Kimi!

~Katie, Mother to Emma

My sleep assistance packages are designed with the needs of the family in mind, and the personality of your baby at the forefront. I believe in sleep parenting over sleep training and do not support or encourage parents to adhere to a sleep plan which requires the baby to cry in their crib for an extended period of time. I will work with the parents and use extensively researched sleep and soothing techniques which are both safe and effective. I have a strong belief that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children and healthy families.  A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn and it is important that you help your child get there.

In-Home Sleep Consultation: ($450 for 3-hour consult and one month support) I will visit you at home to help with any existing difficulties and to assist in setting up your individualized sleep plan. Families will also receive email and text support for up to one month after the home visit, particularly between the hours of 6pm and 12am when parents implement their sleep plan.

Phone Sleep Consultation: ($175 for one-hour consult & two weeks of support) I will talk to you by phone about any difficulties you may be experiencing and will help you come up with solutions. This will be followed up with a comprehensive email detailing the conversation, and two weeks of text/email support.

Sleep Basics: ($125 for one-hour prenatal consult & one week of postpartum support) An hour-long session where I will help you understand a baby’s sleep cues and cycles, how the environment can help or hurt sleep behavior, and tips on encouraging your baby to sleep better. We will discuss common pitfalls, helpful hints and strategies for the parents to get proper rest. This is an informative session for all expecting parents.

In-House Sleep Assistance: (36 hours, 3 nights, 12 hr/night) For those who need an increased level of support, I will come to your home during bedtime and spend the night in your home with you, and implement the new sleep strategy, either with you or independently. The details of support will vary based on individual needs, and the timeframe will vary according to your baby’s bedtime. This plan will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings for a good head start that doesn’t impact the work week.

This package begins with a brief Baby Sleep form for you to fill out, detailing your baby’s current feeding and sleeping habits, the sleeping environment, the difficulties you are having, your needs and your family philosophies. Once I have examined your sleep issue and determine the best solution for your baby and your family,  you will receive a detailed plan to help correct difficulties and develop healthy sleep habits, so your whole family will soon be sleeping happily. We will discuss your plan during a phone conversation or email before we begin, go through questions or concerns you may have and make any changes before my visit.

I will follow up with you steadily for the week after my visit, with unlimited email/text for the first week, and then once daily email/text during the second and third week. This will help to keep you on track, provide moral support and give me a chance to make any necessary changes to your plan.


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