Some thoughts on how I perceive my job and intend my work to look like.

My philosophy as a postpartum doula is to take the parents lead and requests and then go from there. I am here to assist you and hopefully mimic your family routine as closely as possible. I am passionate about my work, and believe that welcoming a new baby into your home is a profound, life changing experience that I am lucky to participate in.

First and foremost, I am here to facilitate an easy transition that supports your parenting style. Listening to your concerns, observing and offering suggestions to help improve the experience, providing lists of resources specific to your needs are some of the areas I can assist with. One of my main concerns is to make sure the mother is well hydrated, fed, comfortable, and well taken care of. I will lend a hand to ease the transition of siblings or partners.

I’ve been trained to offer lactation support, careful listening skills and non judgmental support, the promotion of parent-infant bonding, coping skills and being aware of symptoms of postpartum disorders. My services are designed to encourage the development of strong family bonds, confident parents and healthy babies. I will share information and offer assistance, mentoring, education spanning over both emotional and physical care.