Enhance Your Postpartum Experience

Some of the ways I can help support your postpartum journey.

Kimi is incredible! She came over the night we came home from the hospital. She is a God sent! A true Angel and a blessing to our family. I highly recommend her as a postpartum doula. She helped us with everything and getting our new life together. She had so many good suggestions & help with anything we needed.

~Tammy, Mother to Kai

Postpartum Daytime Care~ A postpartum doula’s role is to care for the baby and mother by nurturing both the mother and her baby. At the beginning of each shift, I will assess what needs are most important to you on that specific day. The mother’s priorities are always going to be my first priorities. We can set goals for the day, or I can follow a list that has been made. I can also keep track of feeding times, diaper changes and sleep times for baby, should you want something more detailed. I will email you things we have discussed, or send you links to products that I think you might find helpful – anything and everything help an exhausted mother. Together we can build on your own knowledge and parenting plans, I will share my tricks of the trade when the opportunity arises. I will look at the baby’s feeding and sleep cues, and point them out – sometimes the most simple information can be empowering to a sleep deprived parent. I will effortlessly share all that I have learned through my years of training and work in the field in addition to unparalleled education and emotional well being. During my day shifts I will also do light housework such as washing all dishes in the sink and handling a load of laundry or two in between working with mama or baby. Other helpful tasks may include grocery shopping, emptying the trash, sterilizing the breast pump, removing clutter from the living space and even addressing that stack of neglected baby shower thank you notes. Parents find this “extra set of hands” particularly helpful. With this foundation of support I will foster a strong, nourished and confident parent. When you are ready to do it alone, I know I have done my job well!

Baby Routine Assistance: Infants under 4 months old are in a period of intense growth for baby, and it’s an important bonding time for new families. It is a time to learn baby’s signals and become accustomed to recognizing your baby’s habits and needs. It is the perfect time to begin nurturing a healthy routine. We will discuss how to set up a healthy sleep environment, as well as postpartum issues like newborn care and feeding. I consider all factors of parenting a newborn, including feeding, schedules, healthy environment, and your needs as a parent. We will work on a detailed plan of suggestions to gently nurture your baby’s sleep and develop healthy sleep habits, starting from birth and extending for the first 4 months. Your plan will include suggestions for routines for feeding, sleeping and napping, as well as insights into the preparation of your baby’s sleeping space for optimal sleep health.

Postpartum Night Care: At night, whether you are breastfeeding from the breast, pumping for a bottle or formula feeding, I will help make the evening transition as smooth as possible. Depending on what your needs are, I will outfit a plan that works best for your family. This can include bringing the baby to you for nursing at scheduled times, fixing you an evening snack, making sure you have water, taking the baby as soon as you are finished nursing, allowing you to get much needed sleep while I change, burp, swaddle and put the baby back to sleep. Generally the first two hours are for me to assess what needs to be done, and/or have any conversation with you to discuss the baby’s pattern during the day. The next five hours are for quiet and rest for both mother and baby, with feedings managed and timed by me. The ”quiet and rest period” encourages a bedtime routine for the family. The lights are low, the kitchen noises die down, and baby should get the message that it’s time to rest. Morning close out would include a final diaper change, a final feed and washing of any bottles used during the night. I am also available during these night sessions to listen and troubleshoot any concerns that you might have, and advice on key items that might need to be addressed. This one on one time proves to be incredibly beneficial.

Compassionate Baby Sleep Coach: Sleep assistance is designed to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night as well as take quality naps during the day. I can help you establish and reinforce your babies biological sleep rhythm very gently and naturally. I will help you evaluate where you are currently and achieve that wonderful sleep both you and your baby want and need! The best time is to begin is when your infant is between 6 months old and at least 13 lbs, but I also recommend you check with your pediatrician first. We can discuss great habits before this time that will lead up to successful sleep patterns if your baby us under 6 months old.

 Nursery Necessities: In the overflowing world of baby products and gear, it can be so easy get overwhelmed and become doubtful with every item you add to your registry. I have wide ranging consults where parents to be can be informed and guided through the baby registry process, as well as other services.  I will come to your house and look over your nursery and baby registry, and give you a detailed view on what is needed, what you are missing and what you can get rid of. I will also go over overall flow of the room, making sure that you have the right items exactly where you need them. I will also share my own personal list of “must haves” and a Newborn and Mama Emergency Kit list – the things that you don’t realize that you need, but sure do come in handy!

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