Healthy Baby Pattern and Routine

Let me help you create a happy and healthy baby routine.

Baby Schedule vs. Baby Routine

I don’t necessarily believe in rigidly scheduling a baby, I believe that there needs to be flexibility as babies can be very unpredictable. But without a doubt, babies thrive on routines. Babies like to know what to expect and they do not like surprises! If every day is different, every naptime is in a different location at a different time, feedings are erratic and chaotic, then a baby may become overstimulated, stressed, overtired, and just miserable! My baby routine services are designed to help you decide if and when you should start a routine with your baby, or if your current routine needs a tune-up.

There are various ways I can assist with your baby routine, find one that best suits your needs!

Phone and Email Consultations 

3 Day Daily Routine:

Are you having trouble with one specific area of your child’s daily routine? Do you want to have your questions answered, but want to implement on your own? My 3 day email package is just enough support:

  • Review of your intake form
  • An initial day of emailing with me (typically 3-4 emails during email hours) where you will be given strategies to help you with your specific routine need. Follow up questions and suggestions are offered. You will feel confident implementing changes on your own at the end of the day.
  • 2 additional days of email exchanges (3 per day) to check in with me within a 2 week period. This gives you time to ask questions, makes changes, see progress, and refine what you are doing as it fits into your schedule.
  • Get guided support as you make changes.
  • Best package for scheduling naps or nap transitions, making the move from a crib to bed, preparing for travel.
  • Better sleep for your family!

Cost: $375

Baby Routine Phone Sessions:

Are you looking for more personalized support as you help work through your child’s patterns? Do you have more than one sleep issue that needs to be resolved? My phone consultations are designed with this in mind. Here’s what you receive:

  • A 1 hour phone call where we review your intake form, discuss your goals, and come up with a plan that you will be comfortable implementing.  Talking together raises the confidence level of parents and leaves them feeling empowered to be able to make positive changes.
  • A customized written plan that maps out exactly what you will need to do in order to reach your goals.
  • 4, 15 minute follow-up phone calls (2 calls per week) to ask additional questions and get encouragement.
  • 1 email daily (within email hours) for two weeks once you begin implementing your plan.
  • Better sleep for your family!

Cost: $300

Healthy Start Newborn Routine:

This three month program is ideal for parents of newborns who want to establish healthy habits and get going from Day One. We will cover how to sleep more now, and get even more sleep later. Get support through these early months and build your confidence as a new parent.  Please Note: Compassionate Sleep Coaching support is not offered before four months of age. Here’s what you receive:

  • An initial 1 hour call to discuss how you are doing and what to expect from sleep in the upcoming months. We focus on calming your baby, establishing healthy sleep habits, and also how to adjust to life with a newborn.
  • 2-3 email exchanges per week (during email hours) to check in, ask questions, and cheer you on.
  • 1 support call in months 2 and 3 for 30 minutes each to discuss the sleep changes you are experiencing with your baby and to offer further support and suggestions.
  • Customized written routine plan. I will send you off with a plan for how to tackle sleep in the months ahead. Given all the work we will be doing early on, you may never need sleep assistance!

Cost: $800

In Home Consultations 

Newborn Groove:

I will come to your house after the first two weeks and help you integrate a healthy fresh start routine. We will work from the ground up on starting your baby on a gentle feeding and sleeping routine. We will go over smart practices to put into place now to help guide you through the first 8 weeks.

Cost: $675 for two hour consultation and two weeks of support

Two Month Coordination: 

After 8 weeks your little one is ready to start the early beginning of a healthy routine. I will help hand design a structured routine that is flexible to your unique needs as a family. This will serve as guide for you to move through the next few months and prepare for healthy sleep!

Cost: $600 for two hour consultation and two weeks of support $350 two weeks of email support

Routine Emergency:  Phone/Email Consult: We will talk over the phone and email to troubleshoot an existing problem. In Person Emergency: After an initial consultation to gain an understanding of the problem, I will come in home to help you implement the new routine.

Cost: $125 for an hour phone consult and one week of support $350 for an hour in person consult and a week of support. 

6 month Overhaul: This is the ultimate baby routine package to revamp and remodel how your baby adapts to a daytime routine. We will construct a safe and healthy routine from the ground up, designed with your baby’s specific needs in mind. I will come in home to help guide you, and then I will also offer email and text support to troubleshoot any issues that might arise.

Cost: $650 for 3.5 hour consultation