Enhance Your Postpartum Experience

Some of the ways I can help support your postpartum journey.

Whether you choose a postpartum package that gets you through 1-2 months or through sleep assistance, you will have plenty of support to more smoothly transition into life with your newborn.  My visits are partly to debrief, partly educational and partly hands on support.

A common visit the first week postpartum:

  • debrief your birth and how the initial postpartum period is going as well as answer questions that have arisen
  • breastfeeding practice session to improve the latch and basic positions that encourage good breastfeeding habits
  • discuss nipple care and offer hints and suggestions
  • baby laundry/organization
  • helpful hints or products needed
  • Q & A and troubleshooting


A common visit 2-4 weeks out:

  • debrief how things are going and strategize ways for the family to get more sleep or prepare for upcoming transitions like the partner returning to work
  • learn how to use the breast pump and practice paced bottle feeding to protect the breastfeeding relationship
  • practice babywearing in all your wraps and structured carriers
  • discuss baby’s first bath
  • prepare a meal for the family
  • baby laundry
  • Q & A and troubleshooting

A common visit 4-8 weeks out

  • debrief how you are feeling about motherhood and strategize ways to make deeper connections with other parents
  • discuss how to prepare to go back to work ie what items you’ll need and create a pumping and milk storage plan
  • cook a meal while mama takes a nap or steps out for a walk or to run errands
  • draft a post together looking for a nanny
  • review baby wearing holds with your bigger baby
  • healthy baby and routine
  • Q & A and troubleshooting