Doula Delivers Approval

I’ve been using this snot sucker from the moment I became a postpartum doula.  it’s the ONLY aspirator that gets the job done. I absolutely love this thing. It is so much better than a bulb aspirator. To describe the product its basically a solid plastic blue tube that shapes down like a pen at one end for your child’s nose. The other end of the tube is completely open. You place a small filter into the end cap that fits just over the top of the blue tube. This is what protects you from getting any snot in your mouth. That end cap is attached to a hose with a red mouth piece at the end. What I love about the product is simply nothing goes in your child’s nose. You place the small pointy end right against your child’s nostril and suck air. You can hear and see the snot enter the tube and your child’s nostril will be clear. It’s just that simple.

NoseFrida Product Information

NoseFrida is a Swedish product that has been on the European market for over twenty years.  Developed by Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists at the University Hospital MAS in Malmo, Sweden, it is manufactured by Nasalprodukter AB and they can be contacted at www.nasalprodukter.seNoseFrida is available in most European countries as well as in Australia, parts of Asia and South America.

Ingeniously simple design features a 15 inch clear plastic tube that extends from a nasal nozzle, allowing the  parent to use their own suction to draw  mucus out of their child’s nose. Parents can suck as softly or strongly as  they need to in order to remove all of the mucus Disposable filters prevent the user from catching the child’s cold, there is no risk of mucus or bacterial transfer. NoseFrida comes with four filters and it is recommended that the filter be changed with each use. The device is easy to clean and is dishwasher top-rack safe. NoseFrida is made of non-allergenic, latex-free polypropylene. It is safe to use and causes no injury to you or your child.

Doctors and parents prefer NoseFrida to the bulb aspirator for several reasons:

  • NoseFrida is non-invasive: The tip of  the aspirator is designed to be placed against the outside of the baby’s nostril, creating a seal (not inside like the bulb)
  • NoseFrida is more effective: Parents use their mouth to vacuum the contents of the nostril. This variable parent-powered suction is much more effective than the static suction of the bulb. The parents are able to control the amount of suction and a disposable filter  prevents any bacterial transfer.
  • NoseFrida is more sanitary: Unlike the bulb, NoseFrida can be taken apart and cleaned with soap and water, and reused until the child is old enough to blow his/her nose.

Clinical Studies

To evaluate NoseFrida, a clinical study of 43 children, 17 girls and 26 boys ages 0 – 2 1/2 was conducted at three different hospitals. In the study, 42 of the children suffered from severe nasal congestion.

The majority of the children, 34, was suctioned with NoseFrida more than 3 times in a 24 hour period, specifically before meals and before bedtimes. 37 of the 40 parents reported positive results and found the NoseFrida very helpful. There were no complications noted.

The study concluded that the nasal aspiration device NoseFrida effectively reduces the accumulation of mucous in the nose, improves feeding and reduces sleeping problems in children suffering from upper respiratory infection.

Read more detailed information about the clinical study


Will I get the cold my baby has?

No, the hygiene filter prevents mucus transfer from child to use.

Is NoseFrida safe to use on newborns?

Yes, NoseFrida is designed to be safe and effective for newborns, as well as toddlers.

Why is NoseFrida better than other aspirators on the market?

NoseFrida is much more effective and safer because you never put anything inside the nose, and you control the amount of suction you apply, making NoseFrida more tolerable for children.

I am concerned about the recent warnings about plastics. Is NoseFrida safe?

NoseFrida is BPA free and contains no phthalates.

How do I clean my NoseFrida?

NoseFrida should be detached from the tubing and washed with warm water and soap and allowed to dry. Hygiene filters should be changed after each use.

I know my child has mucus, but nothing comes out. How do I get the thick stuff out?

First, try 1-2 saline drops in each nostril, wait a few seconds and then aspirate. Try using the NoseFrida in a circular mostion against the nostril.